Seed vs. Other Probiotics for Gut Health. Not All Probiotics Are Equal.

1. Seed probiotics are backed by science

Our , development, and innovation programs encompass areas of health beyond the gut microbiome and DS-01® , like the vaginal microbiome, skin microbiome, oral microbiome, infant health, and gut-brain axis for mental wellbeing.

2.Seed Probiotics are All About the Strains

When it comes to bacteria, precision is critical. As strain-level detail is not required on the label, many probiotics do not disclose the specific strains (only the species). This is a loophole, which allows manufacturers to enjoy broader claims and avoid the more costly and time-consuming inclusion of strains with precise benefit indications or mechanisms of action. DS-01® Daily Synbiotic is:

3. Formulated for more than just gut health

Though many probiotics include legacy strains studied for digestive health, there is now science to substantiate benefits beyond the gut, as well as multi-strain formulations, like DS-01®, that are designed to impart novel benefits such as the synthesis of key micronutrients and the promotion of healthy immune responses.

4. The Gold Standard in Probiotics, Ensuring 10x Delivery to Your Colon

How a probiotic survives and remains viable is critical to its optimal efficacy. Choose one that ensures the appropriate protection and has generated the data to validate their claims for conditions both within and outside the body.

5. Backed by 50+ Quality Control Checkpoints

With infrequent regulatory enforcement in countries like the US, choose a probiotic that is tested rigorously, and often. Given the variability possible from lot to lot, the depth and frequency of testing reflect a company’s commitment to deliver the product and the corresponding benefits claimed. Purchase from companies that invest in clinical trials and test well beyond what’s required.

Why Seed Members Love DS-01

It's really helping my daily bowel movements and keeping me regular.
I became regular, not constipated. I wasn't bloated.
The first thing I do in the morning is have my Seed. And then I poop, and I just feel great.